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discussion guide

Each week we provide questions to help you apply the weekend's message. During the week take some time to review these questions on your own or with others.

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You will find the sermon notes exclusively on the Eastside App. These notes include links to the Bible verses and an easy way to follow along during the message.

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Small groups are weekly gatherings of 5-15 people that meet in homes, coffeeshops, the great outdoors and online. Wherever you are in your journey, we have a group for you.

eastside weekly discussion guide

Discussion guides will resume January 2023.

Open Your Eyes

Note to reader This week we had the opportunity to hear from Chris Hodges, pastor of Church of the Highlands, one of the largest and fastest-growing churches in the country

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Unleashing the Power of Compassion

SERIES name Unleashing the Power of Compassion MESSAGE INTRODUCTION The early church was so moved by God’s heart for people with physical, financial, and medical needs that they unleashed unprecedented

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Unleashing the Power of Community

SERIES name Unleashing the Power of Community  NOTE TO LEADERS This week’s sermon is designed to help people understand the importance of community and encourage them to join a small

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Unleashing the Power of Gods Voice

SERIES name Unleashing the Power of Gods Voice message INTRODUCTION We all face big decisions in our lives: relational decisions, vocational decisions, educational decisions, geographical decisions, moral decisions, financial decisions,

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Unleashing the Power of Prayer

SERIES name Unleashing the Power of Prayer SERIES INTRODUCTION This past weekend we began a series entitled, “Unleashing the Power of….”  The upcoming season is a big one at Eastside.

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Jesus Plus Nothing

INTRODUCTION Our relationship with God is dependent on one thing, Jesus.  The work that Jesus did on the cross to reconcile us to God is the only thing we need.

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channel of adversity

The Channel of Adversity Week 1

SERIES TITLE The Channel of Adversity series overview This week Gene talked about the challenges that we go through in our lives.  Some of those challenges are small, and some

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Fathers Day At Eastside | 2016

INTRODUCTION Father’s Day is a time to celebrate and to remember our fathers and our father-figures, the men who stepped into our lives when we needed them.  For some Father’s

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Shaped For A Purpose

series TITLE Shaped For A Purpose introduction God has uniquely wired each of us and calls us to use our talents, personalities, and abilities to make a difference, to bring

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Playing Hurt

KICKSTART Q’S Describe an event in your life when some awesome plans went awesomely wrong: a ruined vacation, bad date, failed home repair, cooking disaster. How did you (or those

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Risk It | Dangerous Faith

DANGEROUS FAITH Some people are afraid of spiders, snakes, dogs…even wooden spoons!  What is it that you are afraid of? Share a story that had a high reward because you

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