Only God Week 3: Only God Can Calm My Fears


Only God…Can Calm My Fears

weekend in review

In week three of our Only God series, we look at Mark 4:35-41. After a very busy day of ministry for Jesus and his disciples, they decide to escape the crowds and get to a more restful place to refuel. Jesus said, “Let’s take this boat to the other side of the lake.” Everything is peaceful and Jesus goes off to rest. An enormous storm arose, causing the disciples to be enormously afraid as well as angry as Jesus continued to sleep peacefully through this extremely dangerous turn of events.

Gene spoke about fears involving uncertainty regarding what is going to happen. He pointed out that over and over again in the Bible you’ll find two different groups of people facing the very same circumstances; one group responding with faith and the other with fear.


Begin with some conversation, checking in on how people are doing. You can talk about whatever you’d like, but here are potential questions to get the conversation going.

How do you define freedom?

In what areas of life do people look for, hope for, or expect freedom?


Select 5-6 questions from the list below to guide your discussion time.

Gene shared two significant questions to help us navigate our fears. The first: “Have you admitted you need God?” If you find that difficult, why do you think that is so?

Read Psalm 46:1-3. In what way do the words of this psalm not only soothe fears but also inspire courage?

While fear for their lives was building in the disciples, Jesus was in the stern, asleep on a cushion. This didn’t mean that Jesus wasn’t concerned about the fate of his disciples, but rather that he was still in control. Jesus didn’t sleep because he didn’t care, he slept because he wasn’t stressed (and apparently this record is meant to emphasize that). Have you ever been tempted to think that God didn’t care about you in the midst of a storm you were facing? Share with the group the circumstances.

How might knowing that the storm didn’t worry Jesus give us strength and hope in the midst of situations that invite fears and uncertainties?

Read Proverbs 9:10. What are the implications regarding wisdom and understanding?

How might remembering what God did for us through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross help us overcome the temptation to doubt God’s love for us?


Share prayer requests and spend time praying for each other.

What uncertain situations and circumstances are you or your family currently facing? How might God be using that situation to strengthen your faith and deepen your relationship with him?

Gene’s second question is: “Will you move in faith toward the very thing you fear?” What does that look like to you?

How might studying God’s Word make you more prepared to face the storms of life?

Do you know someone who needs to be calmed and strengthened by the understanding that God is greater than whatever they might be afraid of? How might you encourage them in their faith this week?

Take a few moments to share prayer requests and pray for one another.

Thank God for calling the storms in our lives and showing that you are in control. Pray that the Lord would help us to trust that he is constantly working for our spiritual good, even in the midst of trials and difficulties. Give thanks for the peace he brings us.