Into the unknown week 2: Wounded



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We have all experienced painful physical wounds from time to time. On a deeper level are painful wounds to the soul. Gene described that type of wound as “a deep sense that there is a core part of me that is unlovable, unaccepted, and unwanted.” It is an injury to the core of our being that seems to forever affect us. We all get them, big or small.

Have someone read Acts 7:20-29.

Gene mentioned that some of life’s most successful people are—underneath it all—some of the most wounded people.

  • Why do you think that some of the most wounded people can end up becoming some of the most successful people?

Gene explained that it is natural for people to compensate for their wounds. He observed that Moses compensated by achievement in education, intellect, leadership and public speaking skills. 

  • It takes some thought, but can you recognize ways that you have compensated for some of your own wounds?

In Acts 7:23-25 we see that Moses attempted to reconcile with his own people, the Israelites. It backfired horribly, and we read in Acts 7:29 that Moses fled to Midian after this further rejection. 

  • When we are feeling hurt, rejected, unloved, and unappreciated, how do we tend to react? How do we treat others when we are feeling the hurt from these wounds?

Have someone read Numbers 20:11-12

  • What did Moses do wrong? Why do you think he struck the rock? How did God react to this?


Gene shared three tips to the path of healing.

Tell the truth to God and yourself. Change begins with an awareness, an honest assessment of the situation.

What is something positive that can happen as a result of being honest with ourselves and God?

Be receptive to God’s healing in your life. God wants to help us through our pain. He wants to help heal us from these wounds. But God wants us to take the first step towards him.

Ask someone to read 2 Corinthians 7:9.

Have you experienced eventual good that followed a painful experience in your own life?

Become a wounded healer.

Have someone read 2 Corinthians 1:4.

How can we help others going through the same pain that we have been through?

Which is the hardest of the three steps for you to do?

wrap up

Have each person share their prayer requests. Ask someone to type them up and share with the group. This week spend time daily praying for your group. 

If anyone has a specific hurt or wound that they are currently facing or hurting from and feels comfortable sharing about it, pray for that. Pray that God would give each of us opportunities, strength, and courage to help those around us that are hurting from similar pains and wounds that we have been through.

If someone in your group is struggling to find healing, consider setting up a time to talk to them one-on-one via a call or video. Listen and pray with them. You can point them to counseling or to check out our Care and Recovery Groups if that would be appropriate. Contact your Small Group Director if you need further help with this.