Reality Binge Week 3 : The Property Brothers


The Property Brothers

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God has designed us in such a way that we have an appetite to be loved, accepted, treasured, and respected. We also have appetites to take on responsibility, to compete, to win — all of which are healthy. Mike shared a list of features he learned from Andy Stanley regarding appetites. There is a danger of letting our appetites control us.

  1. Appetites were created by God and distorted by sin.

  2. Appetites know only one word…MORE.

  3. Appetites always scream “Right now!”; never “Later.”

  4. Instant gratification is a terrible life coach.

  • Have you ever forfeited what could have been long-term joy for something that brought you momentary pleasure?

We are all faced with situations in which we have to choose either what we want or what God wants. It is in obedience to Jesus that we receive the greatest joy and satisfaction. Unfortunately, there are times when we act like Esau and forfeit what the Father wants for us and, therefore, miss the joy we would have received.

Have someone read Genesis 25:29-30.

Esau was in a vulnerable position: he had a need and Jacob could meet his need.

  • When you are in a state of exhaustion, are you more vulnerable to making bad choices? Why or why not?

  • What current “pots of stew” have the potential to divert you from the life God has for you?

Have someone read Genesis 25:31-34.

Jacob wanted Esau’s birthright, so he took advantage of this opportunity to nab it. If Esau were to give up his birthright, that would be giving up all that he was entitled to receive as the first-born son in his family. This was a huge deal!

  • What good thing have you missed out on because of the discomfort it would have caused to obtain it?

  • We have all witnessed people making obviously destructive decisions. In these situations, what are the factors that make less valuable things look more valuable than obedience to God?

  • How did Esau feel after he finished his meal?

Our only hope to overcome selfish and destructive instant gratification is to reframe our appetites to desire what God wants to do in our lives. We each need to focus on the bigger picture of what our lives could look like according to God’s plan. We need to listen to the Holy Spirit within us and regard him as our life coach.

Have someone read Galatians 5:16.


This week take time to do the assignment Mike gave us.

At the top of a page, write down “10 years from now.”

Take some time to think about what you want your life to look like 10 years from now. Ask God to help you as you write, and then start writing down what comes to mind.

What kind of person would you like to be 10 years from now?

What would you want to see God do in your friendships? In your marriage? In your kids? In your grandkids?

What do you want to see God do in your neighborhood, your community, your school, your students, your team — through you?

What do you want to see God do in your career? In your business? With your employees and their families?

How could you see God using you to serve, to minister to other people?

This gives you a picture of what you want your life to look like that will help guide you in the choices you make. If we surrender our lives to God when our appetites are screaming, if we have invited the Holy Spirit into our lives, he will prompt us and will guide us.

If you feel comfortable, share with the group what bowl of stew is present in your life.

Here are some things to think about in your prayer and quiet time this week.

What’s that thing that’s being held out to you right now that, honestly, you’re finding it very hard to resist?

What is it that is so hard for you to say no to right now?

What are you trying to talk yourself into? What kind of rationalizations have you been asking your mind to come up with so you can make a feeble attempt to explain the reason you’re walking this way?

What is it right now that you know is a really bad decision, but you’re about to do it anyway?


Have each person share their prayer requests. Ask someone to type them up and share the list with the group. This week spend time daily praying for your group.

Share how you can pray for each other this week. Are there troubling pots of stew each of you need prayer for?

At home spend time praying over the life you pictured in the assignment. Be prepared to share with your group next week.

Father help us to see you as valuable above everything else. We know obedience to you always leads to what you have for me. Help us to trust you, even when it is hard.