Love Where You Are | Week 3 | Love Where You Go


Love Where You Are


It may seem random, but God actually placed you exactly where you’re supposed to be — to make a difference with people you are around every day! It’s time to love where you are and get excited about all the good you can do influencing your family, workplace, and neighborhoods for God!

  • Share a time you embarked on a spontaneous adventure.


Love Where You Go

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Luke 7 is a fascinating section of the Bible because Jesus gives us a remarkable picture of what it looks like to love where you go. He has three encounters in this chapter and models to us how to love others throughout our day.


  1. Have someone read Luke 7:1-10. Jesus stops and shows concern for the centurion’s servant. The centurion seeks Jesus and asks him to heal him. Where do you most often turn when you find yourself in a desperate situation? The centurion believed a single word from Jesus could change everything. How does that recognition challenge your faith?

  2. Have someone read Luke 7:11-17. Jesus encounters a funeral procession, and the Bible says his heart was filled with compassion. He walks over to the procession and brings the boy to life and gives him back to his mother. Gene talked about loving others, even when we are inconvenienced. How well do you love when something as precious as your time is threatened? Share a time you missed out on being a part of God’s work by letting your schedule keep you from being in the moment?

  3. Have someone read Luke 7:36-50. One of the Pharisees, a group of religious leaders who opposed Jesus, had invited him to dinner. A woman, most likely a prostitute, walks in and starts anointing his feet with oil. He extended her grace and forgave her, which was outrageous and confusing to the Pharisees. She was filled with love and gratitude. Share a time you were overcome with God’s grace for you.

  4. How do you respond when people catch you off-guard and break into your perfectly protected life and scheduled? 

  5. Luke 7 shares 3 stories of Jesus seeing people, seeing their needs and reaching out in compassion, regardless of how others thought. How might your life be different if you were more concerned about honoring Jesus than about the thoughts of others?

  6. What changes do you need to make in your life to create space when faced with an inconvenience and not be too busy to take action. Share a time you had an unexpected interruption and saw God use that moment?

  7. Instead of keeping God’s love to myself, our love and compassion should move us to action. Most people find their way to Eastside because someone cared enough to invite them.  Who in your life needs to know about Eastside?


If you were there this weekend, you received a red dot to place as a reminder to love where you are, where you live and where you go. Where did you put it? What is the biggest challenge you face when it comes to loving others?


Spend time thanking God for how much he loves you. Thank him for meeting you in the midst of your messy life and extending grace. Pray you would be aware and willing to love where you go, even if it is inconvenient. Ask God to help you be more compassionate and willing to extend mercy.

Pray for the person(s) in your life that needs to know about Jesus and for the courage and opportunity to invite them to join you at Eastside for a service.