At The Movies: It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood


It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

weekend in review

Gene explores the biblical truths that we can pull from It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, a movie based on the true story of a real-life friendship between Fred Rogers and journalist Lloyd Vogel.


Begin with some conversation, checking in on how people are doing. You can talk about whatever you’d like, but here are potential questions to get the conversation going.

  • Did you ever watch Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood on TV in your childhood? What do you remember most about the TV show?


Select 5-6 questions from the list below to guide your discussion time:

  • Mr. Rogers noted, “It’s strange, but sometimes it’s hardest of all to forgive someone we love.” The truth is we all get wounded in life. When you think back on your life, can you think of someone who deeply hurt you?
  • “There’s always something you can do with the mad you feel,” Mr. Rogers counseled. What do we do with our unresolved hurt, pain, and anger? What have you tried doing with your hurts, your wounds?

  • Read Hebrews 12:15. What is the writer warning against? Talk about some specific ways you have seen the negative effects of this in your own life.

  • Read Matthew 6:9-13. Give an honest assessment of how you have been doing in regard to forgiving everyone who has sinned against you?

  • Read John 3:1-3. Jesus often cuts to the heart of what every human being needs most from God. What deep desire and need in your heart is he longing to speak to or heal?

  • Mr. Rogers asked Lloyd—and the audience—to take one minute to do a little exercise. To take one minute to “think about all the people who loved us into being.” Take one minute of silence also and engage in the same exercise. What did you think about in that silence? Was it uncomfortable? What did you feel?

  • Read Matthew 9:36 and Mark 10:21. How does Jesus see you? What about you does he see? What is it like knowing that Jesus sees you completely and loves you completely?

  • Gene spoke of 12 words that can heal any relationship: “I was wrong. I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you.” Impossible as it is to get through life without receiving a few wounds, neither do any of us get through life without giving a few wounds. Who do you need to hear these words from? Who do you need to say these words to?

  • People desire unfailing love; deep down that’s what we all long for. We may have never received that kind of love from those who should have given it to us most. But God loves you with an unfailing love… a love that never fails, never gives up, and never runs out. What do you think God wants you to know about the love he has for you?


Think of specific people whom God has put on your heart to forgive, to love, and to receive love from. What are some actions that you can take this week toward allowing healing and growth into those relationships?


Share prayer requests and spend time praying for each other. 

Pray that God brings healing to wounded people all around the world and to the wounds we each carry ourselves. Pray for families and relationships to come together, being mended through the power of forgiveness.

Pray that we as a church and as individuals can stand reassured as we follow Jesus, extending love, friendship, and hope to those around us.