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care and recovery

My Journey Towards Hope And Redemption

Finding God: My Journey Towards Hope & Redemption Kyra shares her story**Trigger warning – sexual assault and suicidal thoughts.** In November I found myself in a place of deep despair

Eric & Kendra VanDruff newly married

Looking For A Newly Marrieds Small Group

Eric and Kendra share why they started a newly marrieds small group… During my college years at Eastside’s Young Adults, I had the privilege of being a table leader, which

Not Just Another Small Group

Toby had no idea the impact his new small group would have on his community. In his own words, he describes the journey he and his wife took to belonging.

High School Students small group at Eastside

From Boys To Men: A Catalyst For Change

David shares how he watched his students change from boys to men. David has led a student small group since 2014. The students in his group just graduated in 2023.

In Oceans Deep My Faith Will Stand

Joshua shares how the lyrics “In Oceans Deep My Faith Will Stand” helped him find hope & healing  **Trigger warning – suicide attempt.** As a child, I was very outgoing and funny….. well I

Mercy House

What Does Compassion Look Like

What does compassion look like at mercy house? My name is Jacob, and I’m the Development Director at Mercy House a non-profit organization that serves homeless individuals and families here in California

Judah shares his story from desperation to finding hope

From Desperation To Finding Hope

OVERCOMING TRAGEDY: JUDAH SHARES HIS STORY OF GOING FROM DESPERATION TO FINDING HOPE. I remember I woke up in the emergency room, and all I hear are whispers. I heard

Scott shares his baptism story

What if Christ does not want me?

Here Scott’s story about why he decided to get baptized: My name is Scotty B Giles, and I’ve been going to Eastside since 2016. I grew up in a large

Thinking about getting baptized?

On Easter weekend we saw 321 people be baptized! We are celebrating so many who decided to take this step in showing their love for Christ. One of these people

You Are Never Alone

Armando shares his story of finding support during a difficult season During this season it was very hard for me to go to work or sometimes to be able to

divorce care

Divorcecare Surviving The Holidays

Divorcecare | Surviving The Holidays He left Thursday, September 9. I don’t remember very much about the first holiday season other than being mad, hurt, broken, and confused. My marriage

One Million Meals

Eastside Christian Church, along with Mission of Hope packed one million meals to help those struggling with food insecurity. Thank you to everyone that helped pack meals for those struggling

medical debt forgiveness

RIP Medical Debt

THE US MEDICAL DEBT CRISIS This year has been challenging for so many people and we wanted to spread a little hope this Christmas season!! Last year, about 75 million

God Leaves The 99

God leaves the 99 We had hit rock bottom and were both struggling with addiction and living in a hotel room. We were eating in a soup kitchen one Monday

getting plugged in

Getting Plugged In

GETTING PLUGGED IN… My boyfriend first invited me to Eastside during Easter of 2021. My first thought was boy it was HOT (I attended Eastside for the first time prior

Helping Ukraine Refugees

Helping Ukraine Refugees Eastside Partners With Samaritan’s Purse The world is shocked and horrified by the images of death and destruction coming out of Ukraine, a catastrophe we have not

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