Love Where You Are | Week 1


Love Where You Are


It may seem random, but God actually placed you exactly where you’re supposed to be — to make a difference with people you are around every day! It’s time to love where you are and get excited about all the good you can do influencing your family, workplace, and neighborhoods for God!

  • What does family look like for you?


Love Where You Live

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This week’s message focused on family…step family, blended family, divorced family, single-parent family, nuclear family, dysfunctional family. Romans 12 was the basis for this week’s message, with the goal to help us love the people where we live.

  1. Have someone read Romans 12:9-10. How does that play out in a family?

  2. Have someone read Psalms 39:4. Most of us are living at a pace that is unsustainable. We live in a world where the attitude is do more, accomplish more, and conquer more. What could you do to realign your schedule with your values?

  3. Regardless of your marital status, discuss ways to establish God-honoring values in your home. What are important guardrails for you and your family?

  4. Have someone read Galatians 5:22-23. Discuss how similar the characteristics in Romans 12 mirror the fruit of the spirit.

  5. Gene shared three simple ways to communicate love for each other with genuine affection in a family. You do it with a look, a word, and a touch. Are any of these difficult for you? What one is most meaningful for you to receive? How does your family upbringing influence your behavior today?

  6. How we were raised influences us as adults. Share if and how your family incorporated those three methods. If they didn’t, share how that impacted you.

  7. Romans 12:10 says to “outdo one another in honor.” The word “honor” literally means to “attach a high price tag’ to someone.” What image do you get when you think of outdoing one another with honor?

  8. What are a few ways you can show unconditional love to someone this week?


What is one thing you discussed today that you want to implement this week with your family?

Who is someone in your life that you could show honor and value to this week?


Break into groups of 2-3 and pray that He would aid you to love the people in your life and honor them in your words and actions this week.