Dream Team

Dream team

The Dream Team is a Change Maker team for those who are called and blessed to help build God’s Kingdom through Eastside with the gift of giving beyond the level of the tithe.

the team

the impact

Dream Team members gratefully recognize that God has given them the spiritual gift of giving along with the resources to make an eternal impact for generations to come. They demonstrate this through strategic giving over and above their tithe to accelerate Eastside’s vision.

Because Dream Team members want to fuel the vision of Eastside through high-impact projects, we provide them with regular, first-look updates on our top “dream initiatives” across four distinct areas:

local compassion


Bringing hope and help to our community.

global compassion


Unleashing compassion around the world.

next gen


Building a faith community for the next generation

campus projects


Creating settings and spaces for people to pursue God

the results

Since its beginning in late 2017, Dream Team members have committed over $5 million (over and above their tithe giving) to complete life-changing initiatives that circle the globe.


See if these three statements describe you:

  • You give from beauty, not from duty
  • You find joy in watching God provide the resources – big or small – to give generously when your heart is stirred by a God-sized vision
  • You love the vision of Eastside and want to accelerate it in powerful ways.

If this sounds like you, let’s talk. 

Click on the link below to explore the opportunities and to receive a special gift designed to further your journey of joy-filled generosity.

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