Reality Binge Week 1 : America Ninja Warrior -Gideon


American Ninja Warrior – Gideon

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God specializes in impossible odds. He is known for pulling this-is-better-than-I-could-have-imagined successes out nothing-good-could-ever-come-out-of-this messes.

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like the odds were stacked against you?

Have someone read Judges 6:1-7.

God created us with the gift of free will. How we exercise that free will matters and brings consequences that are good or bad. It’s easy to take credit for things that turned out well following a good choice or decision we made. It’s harder to own our bad choices, even though we know, being human, we make them.

What are some poor choices you’ve made that brought about regrettable consequences?

Did those poor choices result in a reputation or self-image that made or still makes it hard for you to feel worthy of love?

Have someone read Judges 6:11-16.

Mike talked about demo day. Our world is filled with things that can become little “gods” to us, leaving us frustrated and empty when we chase after them. But when we “clean house” and pursue the true and living God, we make room for him to move into our lives and walk with us every day, satisfying our souls in their deepest places.

Have you ever felt like Gideon? That God was asking you to take a risk or take on a task so far beyond your capabilities that it was very clear you’d be required to rely solely on his power?

We have all thrown out a fleece or two to God in our lifetime. When we are looking for answers, we should pray, asking God for wisdom and discernment, and it’s helpful to bounce stuff off of trusted friends.

Remember, faith is walking to the edge of all the knowledge you have and taking one more step. Trust means moving into the unknown, the undefined.

Have someone read Judges 7:21-22.

Why do you think God had Gideon go from 22,000 to 300?

Seeing what God did for Gideon and the Israelites, does this give you hope regarding the struggles and challenges you are currently facing?

If we will lean into God’s power, he will carry us through the challenges life brings. He changes us, strengthens us, and helps us.


What are some things you need to remind yourself are true about God in order to take on the things he asks you to do?

What is God calling you to do right now that makes you nervous?

How can we as a group stand together to encourage each other in what God has told us to do?


Have each person share their prayer requests. Ask someone to type them up and share the list with the group. This week spend time daily praying for God’s strength to do the things each of you feel God is calling you to do.