DNA of a Dangerous Church Week 2: Open doors


Open doors

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We are looking at the letters Jesus himself sends to 7 churches in Asia Minor. He refers to these 7 churches as the 7 golden lampstands because the role of the church is to be a bright light to a dark world.

In Revelation 3, he writes to a church in a city called Philadelphia, which has the same name as the one here in the US, brotherly love. This was the latest name; the city had several name changes throughout its history. It sat on a geological fault line. Earthquakes and volcanic activity bred this constant anxiety of forced evacuations, unexpected death and devastation, and continuous rebuilding. Every time there was a restart, there was a rename.

Have someone read Revelation 3:12.

The people of Philadelphia trusted Him day and night amid unexpected death, devastation, and constant change. They were persecution for trusting Him with their lives.

How can we hold to God’s Word during times of challenge and hardship?

How does Revelation 3:12 bring you hope today?

Have a volunteer read Revelation 3:7-10.

How did Jesus identify and describe Himself in these verses? Which description encourages you the most? Why?

What did Jesus mean when He said He had the key of David? What does that give Him the ability to do?

The church at Philadelphia was one of two churches about whom Jesus says nothing negative. What did Jesus commend them for?

Have a volunteer read Revelation 3:11-13.

What are some ways we hold fast to what we have in Christ? What does that look like in your own life?

Have someone read Psalm 103:12.

Eastside Christian Church was named because no matter how messy we are, no matter how broken our past, how far we have wandered away from the heavenly Father, we have a forgiver and Savior named Jesus who removes our sin as far as the east is from the west.

Share how that verse captures your spiritual journey here at Eastside.


This week commit to praying for our vision 2025 through dangerous prayers. Gene shared there were three things woven deep into the DNA of a dangerous church – Dangerous Love, Dangerous Sacrifice, and Dangerous Prayer. This week commit time to pray where God is calling you to take a step of faith.

Share who is the 1 person in your life who needs the hope of Jesus? Write that name down in the blank below and pray for them every day.

I’m praying for ___________ to find hope through Jesus this Christmas.


Break into two’s and spend time praying for one person to find the hope of Jesus. Pray for boldness and courage to pursue that person.