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Homelessness – Brett’s Story

On the hunt for a shower each morning became a new part of that routine, hygiene kits given by Eastside helping when a source to get clean was nowhere to be found. 

A Love Like No Other

With the love and prayers from her teammates, Morgan became well enough to help and participate at the orphanage. God showed her that life is best lived when it is with others and she left Thailand experiencing a love she will never forget.

Where There’s A Will, There’s A Way

Eastside stepped in and was able to fund the remaining weeks of the family’s stay while their paperwork process was completed–allowing a huge weight to be lifted off this single mom’s shoulders.

A Hike to Remember

A Hike To Remember Abel Rodriguez felt compelled to start a small group. He had been attending Eastside for a few months at the invitation of his brother and sister-in-law.  He

Home for Good

Dean Martin once sang a song with lyrics claiming he had his love to keep him warm, and it seems no truer words have been spoken for Virgil and Terry,

Rainbows in Mexico

Pam opened up a bible for the first time when she was 60 years old. Although she did not have a life-long relationship with Jesus, she was given an opportunity

A hike to remember

In Celebration of Survivors

Back in September, Friends Christian Church in Yorba Linda held a spectacular event in conjunction with the Orange County Human Trafficking Task Force (OCHTTF) to honor survivors of Human Trafficking

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Cindy’s Story

Cindy’s Story “It’s the shirts with turtlenecks, ya know, the ones that wrap around your neck? It’s those I still can’t wear.” Even though it’s been 14 years since leaving


What do you think about when you hear that word?  CEOs?  Generals?  Politicians? One definition of leadership is simply influence.  To lead others is to influence them in a particular

A Wealth of Knowledge

Worry-filled days and sleepless nights passed. Clint’s unemployment and increasing debt weighed heavily on his mind, body and soul. He was losing hope

Freedom From Depression

Giving from the Most Natural Place

Have you ever had the desire to plug your passions into helping the community that surrounds you, yet remained unsure on how to go about it? Read on to hear how one woman made a world of difference by simply realizing her natural capacity for connecting those in need with those in a position to fill those needs. 

Show Me, God

 “All these years of trying to understand religion! Reading, studying, questioning…… I didn’t need a religion, I needed a relationship.” 

A Heart For Service

Savannah is continually inspired to serve through seeing the impact serving has made in her own life and in the lives of others. “When you see people’s faces light up, when you see people receive your services, it’s just a reminder that God has done so much more than that, and God does that every single day…”

A Recipe for Faith

He has found that serving and getting involved in local compassion efforts at Eastside have helped turn a big church into a small church. Because of the community he’s built through serving, it’s rare for him to walk down a hallway without knowing someone.

Passage to Kenya

“I’ll pray about it for next year.” Famous last words. Last year quickly became this year and Paige Haddick was caught completely off-guard by a friend and leader of the College ministry in the hallway at Eastside.

Change is possible

As we finished praying her husband came forward and accepted Jesus, called his daughter in the room for prayer, and they demanded we cut this rope off the woman’s neck and take it out to destroy it. They wanted it burned to declare wherever there is light there cannot be darkness, and wherever there is freedom, there cannot be bondage.

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