everyone has a story.

because your story is important to God, it's important to us.
Sharing stories is one of the most powerful ways you can serve our community.

Student Take Over Weekend

MESSAGE TITLE Student Takeover Weekend sermon guide It is important for each generation to teach the next generation about the greatness, the power, the mighty wonders of God and of his love for us.  Have someone read Psalm 78:4-7. This week three people from our Next Gen community have told us how they are experiencing

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“Just because you’re painting a door in Mexico, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done perfect and right.  City of Refuge is another piece of God’s Kingdom, God’s house.  Just imagine

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Serve Locally

Change Maker: Mark Buttrey

“I see souls and I love people, that’s all I do well,” claims Mark. This passionate Eastsider began serving in his home of Orange County upon returning from living abroad in Romania at age 24.

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Bravely Forward: Shanelle’s Story

Eastside Christian Church’s Local Compassion team met with Anaheim native, Shanelle, to learn first-hand about her life; one that has been marked with different waves of obstacles and perseverance. 

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Bravely Forward: Officer Jesse’s Story

Growing up, Jesse was taught by his parents to respect the local Police Officers they’d pass by on the street.  That respect grew to admiration as TV shows like SWAT and Adam 12 enhanced his perception of the officers protecting his city.  “That’s what I wanted,” Jesse explained, “and that’s what the majority of cops want as they enter the force: to do good, to be the heros we grew up thinking so highly of.”  

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