How Can Shoes Show God’s Love

How can Shoes Show God's Love?

Here is a story from Ray who was an Eastsider working with the Orange County Department of Education Access Program.

ACCESS is proud to collaborate with various local and national organizations and businesses to equip our students as they build a pathway to college and career readiness. We have a lot of kids that come from situations of neglect, abuse, and broken homes. Our population is really just students who need a second chance. So many of these kids in our sports program don’t have the basics like shoes and shorts. The Compassion Team at Eastside heard about where I work and the at-risk students I serve and wanted to find out how they could partner with ACCESS. Recently, an opportunity came up when an Olympic athlete wanted to donate $1,000 for a New Balance voucher for these students to get needed sports equipment, so Eastside offered to match the $1,000 donation. We got every single kid a new pair of New Balance tennis shoes plus new shorts, t-shirts, socks, and a backpack. We were able to fully equip these kids with what they needed for the season. It was fun to set up the shoeboxes and all of the gear for these kids and then bring them outside of the classroom and surprise them. How amazing that now they’ll have the gear they need for this basketball season.

I can’t teach God on the job. I can’t tell them exactly who God is, but we can show them through our actions who He is to this generation and the youth that we’re dealing with. I have been able to witness what these acts of kindness have done for these students, just how appreciative they are, how appreciative they have been of the fact that someone is donating to them, someone is giving to them. And the effects that I’ve seen are just the joy and excitement on their faces, the joy that someone out there saying that I care. That is why Eastside makes it a priority to partner with organizations like ACCESS because they work directly with at-risk populations. Then, we are able to fill in the gaps where the need is the greatest so that our dollars go farther.”  – Ray Green

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