Child Sponsorship App

child sponsorship app
It's easier than ever to connect with your sponsorED child in Kenya!

Hey, everybody, Arty Vangeloof coming to you with another global compassion update. This is a great compassion update because we’re excited to announce that there’s a brand new app that Missions of Hope has. Did you know that East Side sponsors about 2,600 and even more kids at missions of Hope. And now there’s a brand new app, and we are kind of proud because that app was developed by these two gentlemen. This is Lordson David, and this is Mitch Carpentier. Mitch was behind the graphic package for the app and Lordson was behind the technology. Tell us a little bit about the journey, Lordson.

Lordson David:
Thank you, Arty. A couple of years ago, Morty approached us to develop this app. At that time, it was a really big vision. I think couple of years, we were able to get that one going from UBTI, from our organization, we were able to put together a app which runs on iOS, [inaudible 00:01:04] and Android, whereby you can download it and you can sponsor your kids, and you can communicate with them, and you can do many different things with that. So it’s available in Android and iOS.

Arty Vangeloof:
Thank you, Lordson, and we are so thrilled. I already opened up the app. I’ve already connected with my kid. I bought him a brand new uniform and a birthday cake. Mitch, tell us about your experience, and how you’ve been part of this journey.

Mitch Carpentier:
Well, my wife and I have been to Kenya six times and love to partner with the people at Mohi. So because I’m a designer, they asked me if I would help in their rebranding for the US operation. So I was able to do that and come alongside Lordson and his group to kind of do some of the graphics. So it’s an organization we really believe in. We have several kids there that we sponsor, and we couldn’t think of a better organization to partner with.

Arty Vangeloof:
These are two of the best guys ever. They’ve given thousands of hours of energy and time to making this app happen. We are thrilled. I don’t know if you know, but Missions of Hope is now Missions of hope USA, and there’s a USA office here in Arizona. So these guys have been connecting and working with them. There’s a goal that Missions of Hope has of reaching a 100,000 kids in the next 10 years. This app is just going to help us as we are on this journey to help rescue so many kids, lifting them out of poverty with great education, good food, and just this holistic view of what the church is supposed to be. So Lordson and Mitch, thanks so much for making the app happen, and we can hardly wait till you get it. Get it downloaded today off the app store and start using it and get a hold of your kids. God bless. Not everyone can fly halfway around the world to meet their sponsor child as Gene and Barbara so now we have exciting news for EVERYone who wants to keep in touch with their sponsor child.

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