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For nearly a decade, Eastside has sent volunteer teams to assist missionary partners at an orphanage in Thailand. That’s how the church first came in contact with Nabwe. Nabwe is a young village girl who lives near the orphanage. Over the course of two trips, team leaders learned she was the neglected daughter of two opium addicts. Her hair was bleached from malnutrition and her teeth were rotted out. Linda Morrison, team leader, sensed the Lord calling the team to intervene. She spoke with Eastside’s missionary partner, who then convinced the orphanage director to bring Nabwe into the program.

God wasn’t finished working, within a couple of months of us returning from the trip, both parents had consented to go to rehab. Nabwe is now in a safe environment. Her parents are sober. They’ve learned how to farm and are ready to establish a healthy household. Family reunification is the ultimate goal. Others on the trip agreed, they felt so humbled and privileged to have been there to watch God orchestrate these events, and never could have imagined the ripple effect.

There are many children just like Nabwe who need help.  We love when people join our global trips but there are also ways to get involved right from your home.  Now you can help a child through Eastside’s Child Sponsorship Program but also a way to connect with your child.

We volunteer in our communities and we also meet together every weekend if you would like to join us in person or online. We believe that this is a place for everyone, wherever you are on your journey. We want to transform our homes, community, and world by pursuing God, building community, and unleashing compassion. If you would like to find out more about Eastside please visit

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