everyone has a story.

because your story is important to God, it's important to us.
Sharing stories is one of the most powerful ways you can serve our community.

Student Take Over Weekend

MESSAGE TITLE Student Takeover Weekend sermon guide It is important for each generation to teach the next generation about the greatness, the power, the mighty wonders of God and of his love for us.  Have someone read Psalm 78:4-7. This week three people from our Next Gen community have told us how they are experiencing

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Over It Week 3: God Over All

MESSAGE TITLE Over It Week 3: God Over All weekend in review This week Mike Breaux talked about how our lives will never be complete, we’ll never really be able

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Freedom Isn’t Free

As a second generation military man, I know the sacrifice our service men, women, and their families make to secure the freedom we enjoy. The long hours, the stress and

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Your Generosity is Changing Lives

With continuous generosity over the years, Eastsiders have helped make this D R E A M possible. We’re so thankful to partner with Tijuana Christian Mission and to have the

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Change Maker // Meet Katie

CHANGE MAKER // Meet Katie. She is a Change Maker serving in Eastside’s High School Ministry, HSM, at the La Habra campus. She is the definition of a true Change

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Parenting With Open Arms

When Jennifer and her husband, Peter, decided to extend their family of three some years ago, they desired to do so with the hope of spreading the gospel as well.  A friend of theirs had journeyed through the foster-to-adopt system in Los Angeles County, which prompted the idea for them to look into doing the same. 

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The Benefit of Buying at Eastside

Scrip is a program that enables you to purchase gift cards to hundreds of the stores, restaurants and gas stations that you frequent, with a percentage of each purchase going back into Eastside’s Compassion Department to help families in need.

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