Change Maker // Meet Katie

CHANGE MAKER // Meet Katie. She is a Change Maker serving in Eastside’s High School Ministry, HSM, at the La Habra campus. She is the definition of a true Change Maker, as she arrived in the midst of student ministry launching at Eastside La Habra. She has demonstrated her passion and belief in the next generation from the beginning. High School years are such a formative time in all of our lives, and she felt called to be there and help support girls going through all the same adolescent struggles that she faced. Katie shared with us the importance of the gifts that God has given each one of us.
There are so many ways to jump in and be a part of what’s happening here at Eastside. There are people serving in the cafe making specialized coffee to help wake you up on a Sunday morning, and there are people sharing smiles at the front door when you step foot on an Eastside campus. There’s adults helping raise up the next generation through Kidside, JHM, HSM and Young Adults (Ethos) here at Eastside on a weekly basis. And so many more! Being a part of a team helps you build community and continue your spiritual journey. “We serve, because that’s what Jesus did when he walked this earth – and we’re called to live a life like Jesus.” Thanks for sharing your story with us Katie!

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