You Are Never Alone

Armando shares his story of finding support during a difficult season

During this season it was very hard for me to go to work or sometimes to be able to focus. I learned in these classes that grief is not static, and it comes in waves. There are days when it’s nice and calm and other days when the grief is overwhelming. Such sadness that it’s almost too much to really grasp. Talking with others helped me to try to focus more on the positive. Things like remembering I was grateful to have thirty-seven good years with my dad. Reminding myself how thankful I was for all the good memories I had of my dad.

I’m still so sad. I still miss my dad, but it’s a heartache I am slowly learning to deal with. But focusing on the grief and wishing for what you can’t have won’t help. I just remember to take it day by day and day.

My dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2016, and he battled for two years. In October of 2018 he passed away, and my mom began looking for a support group. I didn’t really want to go but decided to help her find a group. I came across GriefShare at Eastside. I had an open mind and decided to go along with my mom and give it a try.

When I arrived, I was blown away by it. I immediately felt welcomed and understood. I think the key takeaway I had that first night was how important it is to find a place where people can relate.

When others who had gone through similar loss could actually understand the depth of pain and grief, it really made such a huge difference. In fact, there were many people in the class who had very similar stories to mine. Many shared similar grief about losing a parent who got sick and who had always been very strong.

Focusing on the grief and wishing for what you can't have won't help. Take it day by day and day and remember now matter how you are feeling, you are never alone.

When you are feeling alone listening to worship music can really turn your thoughts around. Check out this song to remind you “You Are Never Alone“. Please don’t navigate this season alone.  GriefShare support group is a safe, welcoming place where people understand the difficult emotions of grief. Through this 13-week group, you’ll discover what to expect in the days ahead and what’s “normal” in grief. Since there are no neat, orderly stages of grief, you’ll learn helpful ways of coping with grief, in all its unpredictability—and gain solid support each step of the way. Click HERE for a full list of support groups or go to for a list of Christian counselors.

At Eastside we have a relentless love and commitment for all to know God. We are committed to finding unique ways to serve in our local communities and help our global neighbors. We are passionate about finding solutions, building bridges, and bringing the love and hope of Jesus to those who are hurting. We would love to invite you to join us in person or online. At Eastside we believe that this is a place for everyone, wherever you are on your journey. If you would like to find out more about Eastside, please visit

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