Thinking about getting baptized?

On Easter weekend we saw 321 people be baptized! We are celebrating so many who decided to take this step in showing their love for Christ.

One of these people was Emmett Woodward, a junior in our High School Ministry (HSM). Emmett had returned from our HSM Chile Global Trip the Saturday night before Easter Sunday. That next morning he attended an Easter service at our Anaheim Campus.

Here is what Emmett had to say about his decision to be baptized:


“On this trip I saw how God can use just a single group of friends from a church in California to make a difference in the lives of so many.

The interaction between our team and the Chilean natives was nothing short of amazing.

We got to have fun alongside Chilean children while playing games and making bracelets. And we also shared the Easter story and saw how much kids loved hearing about God.

I am so grateful that God chose me to make a difference as part of this global team. It caused me to think about my relationship with God, and during Easter service, when Gene asked what we were waiting for in taking the next step with God, I realized nothing was standing in my way, so I decided to be baptized that day.

So many people showed me their support as they watched me be baptized. I know I made the right decision; I would encourage anyone and everyone to take that step as well. I know they won’t regret it!”

ready to get baptized?