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Eastside has a Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Ministry

In the nearly three decades she’s worked with the deaf, both at church and as a professional interpreter in the school system, Nancy has gained deep insight. “The biggest struggle for the deaf is the lack of socialization with the hearing community. Isolation results when there is lack of communication with those who don’t know your language no matter what the language.”

Passage to Kenya

“I’ll pray about it for next year.” Famous last words. Last year quickly became this year and Paige Haddick was caught completely off-guard by a friend and leader of the College ministry in the hallway at Eastside.

Change is possible

As we finished praying her husband came forward and accepted Jesus, called his daughter in the room for prayer, and they demanded we cut this rope off the woman’s neck and take it out to destroy it. They wanted it burned to declare wherever there is light there cannot be darkness, and wherever there is freedom, there cannot be bondage.

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Lost and Found

Confident and wise beyond her years, 20-year-old Desiree has a singular focus. Her heart is fixed on the 27 million people, many just little girls, in bondage by the evils of the international human sex trade.

Putting The Gun Down

There was a hole in the middle of the garage where his wife’s things used to be. He sat there with a gun in one hand and a bullet in the other. The only thing he could hear were the thoughts of failure and loss screaming in his mind.

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Living Free

After just five months in Washington, everything fell apart. God revealed the truth about my husband’s deception, and I realized what a foolish mistake I had made.