Laura Pease

Helping Ukraine Refugees

Helping Ukraine Refugees Eastside Partners With Samaritan’s Purse The world is shocked and horrified by the images of death and destruction coming out of Ukraine, a catastrophe we have not witnessed in Europe since the Second World War. We’ve also seen the images of the strollers left by Polish mothers as a gift for …

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Hearing The Word Cancer

hearing the word cancer About six years ago, Dani had severe pain in her jaw. She saw seven different dentists and three doctors, yet they all misdiagnosed her. During this period she was just trying to cope, taking Tylenol, and continued to work as an RN. Finally, after many months with no answer, she went …

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A Place To Call Home

A place to call home Most likely you have never met or heard of Pancho, Griselda, and their two young children, Angel and Michelle. Yet, they know you. They know that you are generous, loving and compassionate. They have prayed for you for many years. Pancho and Griselda live in Rosarito, Mexcio. Pancho works as …

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SERMON TITLE Palm Sunday Remember Me weekend overview We begin Holy Week remembering the significant events that began on Palm Sunday and culminated on a blood-stained cross on Good Friday and share in the Lord’s Supper. WARM UP Begin with some conversation, checking in on how people are doing. You can talk about whatever you’d …

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