Laura Pease

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ Who is Jesus? by Gene Appel Who is Jesus? There may be a lot of disagreement about who Jesus is, but there is no disagreement about whether he existed in history. So the controversy about Jesus is not about his existence, or even about his basic teaching and ideology. Most people are moved …

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The Hits Kept Coming

THE HITS KEPT COMING…Bronwen’s first person narrative of her Unfinished journey On August 16, 2022, Chuck was hospitalized for multiple symptoms that didn’t make sense. Test results were all over the place. All we knew was that Chuck’s gallbladder needed to be removed. Chuck and I had been praying all summer about how we would …

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Street Shaves

Street Shaves began as a small initiative, but its impact has grown quickly in the heart of Redlands, CA. near our Eastside Christian Church Redlands Campus. Street Shaves is a faith-based nonprofit organization started by Joshua Masih. He and a team of about seven to eight people meet and serve consistently about two to three …

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