I am a cycle breaker

What are you doing tomorrow? Wondering how someone gets inspired to say I am a cycle breaker.  Reggie was in a relationship and felt really broken that this relationship just wasn’t working anymore. During this break up he became really, really depressed. One morning he was having breakfast with a cousin who kind of had …

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Reckless Love And ASL Reckless Love And ASL What do reckless love and American Sign Language have to do with each other? Katie can tell you how for her, the two will always be inextricably intertwined. In a recent interview, she talks about how she grew up in the church and used to be really involved. But when …

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Isabel’s Story

VICTORY Child sponsorship saved this seven year old girl from an arranged marriage. The artist, Isabel Chavez, went on a mission trip to Kenya in 2017. This was one of her favorite moments from the trip. Isabel and a small group of Eastsiders had been visiting homes in the community, sharing the gospel. As they …

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ripple effect in thailand

Ripple Effect

Child Sponsorship News It’s easier than ever to connect with your sponsor child in Kenya! For nearly a decade, Eastside has sent volunteer teams to assist missionary partners at an orphanage in Thailand. That’s how the church first came in contact with Nabwe. Nabwe is a young village girl who lives near the orphanage. Over …

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healing after loss of a child

Healing After Loss

  Wondering about healing after loss or finding hope after tragedy. My parents, in 1964, took me, my older brother, Corey, and my younger brother, Kenny, out to the desert. We went off playing, us kids did, and my mom called us back. My older brother and I came running back, and my little brother …

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