Olive Crest Helps Families In Crisis

Olive Crest helps families in crisis

Seeing the world through the eyes of children is one of the many reasons the Davila family feels blessed to open their home as part of Strong Families. Strong Families, by Olive Crest, is designed for families in crisis. Through Strong Families, children whose parents are experiencing a short-term emergency, such as a mental, health or financial crisis, are matched with families in their community. An alternative to foster care, children stay with their matched family between one day and three months. This allows parents to address their immediate challenges without the added worry of losing custody of their children.

That’s where Eastsiders Kalemberg and Jackie Davila come in. The Davila’s found Eastside because they themselves have a large family. They wanted a place where their kids felt like they belonged. And this sense of belonging has now extended into the Davila’s partnering with one of Eastside’s Local Compassion partner’s, Olive Crest.

“Every day we want to be like Christ and show love and compassion, so we decided to open our home to those who are in need,” says Kalemberg Davila.

As a Strong Family, the Davila’s know their role extends beyond caring for the children. They consider it a great honor to also support the children’s parents. Many families lack a support system to turn to during challenging times, and that’s where Strong Families steps in. 

Kalemberg adds, “By standing in the gap, as hosts we are able to offer a respite to parents grappling with temporary hardships.” 

Since becoming a Strong Family in January 2022, the Davila’s have hosted ten families. The bonds formed during these placements have grown so strong that they now consider the host children part of their own family – another reason that Eastside’s sense of belonging has been treasured by the family.

“There are needs that exist right in our own backyard, and it is our responsibility as a community to address them. So that’s what we are doing, helping our neighbors and friends in our community by offering a place for these kids,” explains Kalemberg.

Seeing children understand how loved and valuable they are is encouraging. It can inspire someone to make a difference. And the Davilas make a difference by opening their home. Their commitment to follow God by hosting children through Strong Families has truly shown them the transformative power of compassion. 

God’s not done with us yet. We are Unfinished, but if we open our hearts, he will work through us in ways we never would have imagined.

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