Looking For A Newly Marrieds Small Group

Eric and Kendra share why they started a newly marrieds small group…

During my college years at Eastside’s Young Adults, I had the privilege of being a table leader, which allowed me to gain confidence in leading discussions. Little did I know that this experience would shape my future as a small group leader. A few months after we got married we started asking around if there was a newly married small group. We yearned for a community where we could grow spiritually and build meaningful relationships with other like-minded individuals. However, our search for a young married group within our church proved fruitless at the time.

Not being able to find a small group we realized that God was leading us to start one.  Despite the initial uncertainties and doubts that naturally come up when thinking about starting something new, we both felt passionate about it. 

This season of leading a small group has been nothing short of incredible. It has been a blessing beyond measure for both of us and for everyone who has become a part of our group. Through shared experiences, open discussions, and vulnerability, we have cultivated deep connections with one another.

One of the most beautiful aspects of being in a small group is the support and encouragement it provides during challenging times. Whether you find yourself in a time of need or at your lowest point, your small group becomes a source of strength and a safe space for you to lean on. The relationships built within the group become a foundation upon which you can rely.

In a church the size of Eastside, it can be very challenging to meet people and build community. Joining a small group allows you to really get to know others and build friendships over time. A place to share stories, struggles, and victories on a more personal level. Through these connections and fellowship, we witness the incredible ways in which God works in and through our lives.

Starting a small group has been a remarkable journey filled with blessings, growth, and meaningful connections. It has provided us with a sense of belonging, support, and a deeper understanding of God’s love. If you’re considering joining a small group, don’t hesitate. Take the leap, and allow God to work in and through your life as you build relationships, experience transformation, and encounter the beauty of intimate fellowship.

If you find yourself looking for connection, growth, and a deeper relationship with God and others, I encourage you to take that step and join or start a small group. Embrace the opportunity to embark on a life-changing experience. You will discover the joy, fun, and transformative power that comes from being a part of a supportive community.

It’s true… leading a small group takes some work, but it’s totally worth it. Community literally has the power to change someone’s life. As we discovered, not finding the right small group is sometimes just the nudge you need to realize it’s time to start a group!

It is a great time to join