One Million Meals

Eastside Christian Church, along with Mission of Hope packed one million meals to help those struggling with food insecurity. Thank you to everyone that helped pack meals for those struggling with food insecurity and malnutrition! Together we did it — we packed 1 MILLION MEALS! What do one million meals look like? One million meals

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RIP medical debt forgiveness

RIP Medical Debt

RIP Medical Debt US MEDICAL DEBT CRISIS This year has been challenging for so many people and we wanted to spread a little hope this Christmas season!! Last year, about 75 million people had to choose between medical bills and basics like food, heating, or housing and about 60% of all bankruptcies are from medical

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God Leaves The 99

God leaves the 99 We had hit rock bottom and were both struggling with addiction and living in a hotel room. We were eating in a soup kitchen one Monday evening and told a friend about our situation. She said, go to the little place up in Fullerton, call Eastside, they might help you out.

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