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Abby Normal

Abby Normal

SERIES TITLE Abby Normal Why Be Normal TIM HARLOW Pastor Tim Harlow’s sermon challenges the concept of ‘normalcy,’ using humor and personal anecdotes to illustrate how societal norms might not lead to fulfillment. He emphasizes the importance of choosing the narrow road over the broad path, as exemplified in Matthew 7:13-14. Harlow urges listeners to

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Mothers Day 2024

Sustaining Faith

SERIES TITLE Sustaining Faith Alayna Towne Appel  On this Mother’s Day, Alayna shares her journey of faith in facing life’s challenges, emphasizing reliance on God. She recounts personal experiences including her daughter’s passing and son’s autism diagnosis, finding strength through sharing her story and faith. Referring to biblical verses, she highlights God’s power in weakness

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