Live No Lies Week 3: I Am What I Feel


Live No Lies

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Whether these lies come from within us or from around us, they sabotage our peace. In our series, Live No Lies, we’ll learn that Jesus is the truth that sets us free. It’s time to win the battle. It’s time to live no lies

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I am what I feel

weekend in review

Is it wise to allow our feelings to guide us?This week we explore misleading feelings and how we candraw on Truth to counteract them


Begin with some conversation, checking in on how people are doing. You can talk about whatever you’d like, but here are a few potential questions to get the conversation going.

  • Got a prized possession or prized responsibility? How do you care for it?

  • Can you recall an incident when you had feelings about something or someone, only to find that your feelings were completely unwarranted?
Select 3-4 questions from the list below to guide your discussion time.

  • How do you measure if what you feel and what you feel like doing is healthy or not? What questions can we ask ourselves to help determine where a feeling is coming from and what our next step will be?

  • Read James 1:13-18. Temptations say there is something that will meet your needs better than God. When we say No! I’m choosing to do this God’s way, we make a boundary against that temptation and set our minds in a better direction that will be good for us. Read Proverbs 4:26. Is considering Where will the path I am currently on eventually lead me? something you regularly do? If not, why not?

  • Read 1 Corinthians 10:12-13. God will help us endure. Share an experience of when you turned to God in a hard situation and found a way to endure.

  • In order to counteract “I am what I feel,” we need to recognize the lies, kill the pride, walk with the wise, drop the disguise, and let the spirit lead our lives. Which of these do you need to pay the most attention to?

  • What are your feelings about yourself? What does scripture tell you about who you are?

  • Read Proverbs 18:12. Do you struggle with pride? How does pride cheat us? How can we attack pride when we find it within ourselves?

  • Read Proverbs 13:20 and 27:6. How do the people you hang out with influence you? How do you influence them?

  • Read Galatians 5:16-25 and 2 Corinthians 3:17. What are the differences between the old you and the new you since you have been set free in Christ and are being transformed?
  • Our feelings are an indicator that something is going on within us. Make it a habit to take time to examine your feelings, consider why you feel that way and what the proper course of action would be. Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you.

  • You know your own vulnerabilities. Find scripture verses to help strengthen your mind when temptations come your way. Anticipate confronting those situations with God’s direction, love, and strength.

  • Do you have someone you can be honest with about your sins and struggles, someone who will listen, encourage you, and pray for you? If not, ask God to help you find someone you can have that relationship with.
  • Pray that we will recognize lies we may be feeling and thinking. Ask God to help us examine them in the light of his great love for us.

  • Share prayer requests and spend time praying for each other.