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Welcome! Recently graduated from high school, attending trade school, college student, starting a new career, or trying to navigate the post-college life? No matter which season you’re in, this is for you. We desire to help every 18-26 year old connect to God, the church, and each other.

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june 8
Community hike

Meet at church in the morning and join us for a refreshing day out in nature. Bring water, lunch, and friends for a day of exploration and bonding.

june 12
summer kick off

Kick off the summer with us for a fun-filled day of free tacos and live music! We're also coming together to build 1000 care kits for our homeless neighbors—a great way to make an impact. Don’t miss out on the celebration and the chance to serve.

july 6
beach day

Soak up the sun and enjoy a relaxing day at Huntington Beach with games, food, and sunsets. It’s a great way to chill and connect outside the church setting.

July 18-21
mexico mission trip

Join us on a mission trip to Mexico as we engage with local communities to provide support and aid. This trip is an incredible opportunity to make a difference while experiencing personal spiritual growth. Secure your spot now!

August 17
Pool Party

Cool off from the summer heat at our annual pool party. Expect lots of fun, pool games, and BBQ. Bring your swimsuit and be ready to make a splash!

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Here are some frequently asked questions:

The community is open to all young adults between the ages of 18-26 and welcomes individuals with various backgrounds and stages in their lives. Who come together to build relationships, learn and grow together, and serve the community. It is a safe and welcoming place for young adults to connect with others who share their values and interests.

Joining a young adult community can provide many benefits, including opportunities to make new friends, explore personal and spiritual growth, and engage in service projects that benefit the community. It can also help young adults develop leadership skills, find mentors, and prepare for their future.

The young adult community at Eastside provides many opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, leadership development, and community service, all of which can help young adults build skills, experience, and networks that will benefit them in the future.

The young adult community at Eastside provides a supportive environment for young adults to grow and learn. They offer trained and equipped peer leaders, coaches, and pastoral staff. Additionally, Eastside offers connections to local counseling services, and other resources to help young adults navigate the challenges of this stage of life.

The young adult community at Eastside offers a wide range of activities and events, including social gatherings, service projects, small groups, and worship services. They also offer retreats, conferences, and options to develop leadership skills and grow spiritually.

Our team provides a variety of educational and training opportunities, including relevant series dealing with issues facing GEN Z, leadership development groups, huddles, and opportunities to learn about various social and spiritual issues. We also offer resources for personal and spiritual growth, such as online devotionals and recommended reading lists through social media.

Yes, Eastside offers many opportunities for young adults to get involved in community service projects and outreach programs. We specifically partner with Local and global compassion on projects. Check out ways to serve here.

There are various places to explore and develop your personal leadership and grow spiritually as well. Joining a team, going on a global compassion trip, or checking out the internship at Eastside are all great opportunities for you to grow.

We have coaches and mentors for anyone who is interested in leadership. For more personal help we have a pastoral care team and small group leaders to help guide and walk with you.

Absolutely! The Young Adult Community at Eastside is designed to be a supplement to, not a replacement for, your student’s current spiritual community. We believe that there is value in being part of a larger spiritual family and encourage our members to maintain their connections with their home church. We want every young adult to have a home to grow in and connect in. We do ask anyone who is looking to lead to be a connected person at Eastside.

We also understand that parents may have questions or concerns about their student’s participation in the Young Adult Community at Eastside. We host connections for graduating seniors in the spring, our team is also available to connect on weekends at an Eastside campus. Click HERE for specific information for parents.  We encourage parents to reach out to our team and we are happy to provide any information or support needed.

One of the best ways to be supported is for them to ask questions, listen to your stories, and encourage you to take advantage of all the opportunities available within the community. We also encourage parents to attend our events, get to know our team, and even pop in occasionally to see what is going on. Parents are still vitally important to your development as a young adult. We encourage you to partner with your parents as long as it’s healthy.

Our team is committed to ongoing learning and development, and we provide regular training and equipment for our volunteers and staff. This includes monthly leadership training, quarterly skill training, safety and security training, and training on various social and spiritual issues. Additionally, our core team takes a planning retreat each winter, and we offer celebrations for all volunteers each Summer and Fall.

The age range for being a young adult at Eastside is 18-26. We value the safety of people so we work hard to invite older individuals to step into leadership roles or move into the next stage of life at Eastside if they are unable to serve or lead as they age out.

Yes, the young adult community at Eastside is open to anyone 18-26 regardless of their educational background or current educational status.

Sorry,, the young adult community at Eastside is open to anyone 18-26. If you are older than 26 then we would love to talk and see if a volunteer role is appropriate or help you connect with the community at Eastside in your stage.

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