Risk It | One God Is Worthy

    • If you HAD to choose your favorite music genre, what would it be?    

    • If you grew up in a church, what was the worst and the best part of the worship time at that church?    

    • Think back to the first time you attended ANY church service, what do you remember about praising and worship?


As you view the video clips below, think “Weird In A God Way meets One God Is Worthy.”

  • What comes to mind when you hear the word “worship?”

  • Why do you suppose people focus their attention on the “how” of worship rather than the “why”?

  • In today’s culture, what are some of the worldly trappings that we worship?

  • How do we balance our need for food, clothing, and shelter with what seems like our need for the accumulation of “things?”

  • Take about 5-10 minutes and see how many people your group can list who have famously or infamously fallen victim to the worship of worldly goods.

  • Please read Leviticus 19:17-18.   These verses set the tone for later verses. Why do you think there is such an emphasis on this topic?

  • Please read Matthew 22:34-40, Mark 12:28-31, and Luke 4:1-9.  These passages are clear about who we are commanded to worship.  What else are we commanded to do?

  • Matthew 22:39 reads, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.  How does this relate to community and our call to serve as an act of worship?


As you reflect on the Risk It series and where you are personally in your spiritual journey, what did you find to be most impactful or meaningful?  

How To Share Your Faith On A Napkin (Todd Clark)     

Share God’s Love & Dangerous Faith (Vince Antonucci)     

A Life of Servanthood

Weird in A God Way

One God Is Worthy (Gene)

Has your perspective on worship and praise changed in any way?  If so, how would you describe the change(s)?

How can we pray for you this week?