Live No Lies Week 1: The Father Of Lies


Live No Lies

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Whether these lies come from within us or from around us, they sabotage our peace. In our series, Live No Lies, we’ll learn that Jesus is the truth that sets us free. It’s time to win the battle. It’s time to live no lies

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The Father Of Lies

weekend in review

Satan is real. He is the father of lies. Jesus is the Truth that sets us free.


Begin with some conversation, checking in on how people are doing. You can talk about whatever you’d like, but here are a few potential questions to get the conversation going.

  • Have you ever experienced many circumstances going wrong at the same time in your life? If so, were you a follower of Jesus at the time? If you feel comfortable, share how it all panned out.

Select 3-4 questions from the list below to guide your discussion time.

  • Read Job 1:6-12. The Bible explains that there is a world we can see and a world we cannot see. Gene asked, “What if our generation and our secular western kind of culture is blind to this whole dimension of reality?” And “What if the ancients, and honestly most people outside of the western world today are far more in tune with the full spectrum of reality than we are?” What do you think of this?

  • Read Ephesians 6:12. “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world that he didn’t exist”? How does this affect your worldview?

  • Read John 16:33. Why do people often blame their difficulties and tragedies on God?

  • Read John 8:44. Jesus spoke of the devil as a murderer and the father of lies. What are the evils of lies and deception?

  • Read Revelation 12:9. The information about spiritual beings who rebelled against God and are now bent on leading the world astray is what to you? A shock? Intriguing? Frightening? Explains a lot?

  • Read Genesis 3:1-4. What examples of this progression have you seen in your own life and/or in the world around you? 1) Question and raise doubts about the truth, 2)Twist the truth, 3) Deny the truth, and 4) Reverse the truth.

  • Read John 10:10. The intent of Satan and his partners is to steal, kill and destroy. The intent of this series is all about fighting back. Gene gave two strategies. The first is to live with awareness—but not a-weirdness—of how the evil one is at work. Are you aware of your own weaknesses and vulnerabilities? Have you admitted them to yourself and the Lord?

  • The second strategy for fighting back is to counteract the devil’s lies with the truth of God’s word, as Jesus did. One lie is that you are what you’ve done and that you will be defined by those mistakes all of your life. Another is that you are what you feel. Another is that you are what people say about you, allowing their words to define you. Which of these have you struggled most with?

  • Read John 14:6 and John 8:31-32. Jesus said that when you know the truth, the truth will set you free. This great spiritual reality is the center of our faith, our worldview, our path in life. How has being on this path changed your life?

  • Gene reminded us of who Jesus the Truth is to us. How has knowing him and following him changed you and your view of yourself?
  • If you are a reader, you might want to get the book that is the title and background of this series: Live No Lies by John Mark Comer.

  • Take time to consider if you have fallen for destructive lies that define you as: you are what you’ve done, you are what you feel, and/or you are what people say about you. Find Bible verses that counteract that, verses describing the love, grace, forgiveness, power, and strengthening presence of the Holy Spirit of God living in your life. Use those scriptures to encourage yourself and others

Pray for understanding of spiritual realities.

Share prayer requests and spend time praying for each other.