Come And See Discussion Guide


Come And See Discussion Guide


Jake Barker reminds us to invite others to know Jesus. Reflecting on John 1:35-39, he highlights that just as John had a sphere of influence, we all have people in our lives that we can invite. He emphasizes praying for opportunities and being intentional in our relationships. He also addresses the fear of sharing our faith, assuring that we don’t need to have all the answers and emphasizing the impact of humility and seeking answers together. Ultimately, the sermon emphasizes the transformative power of inviting others to know Jesus.


Share a highlight from your Thanksgiving weekend.


1. How can we identify our sphere of influence, and how can we utilize our daily relationships to invite others to know Jesus?

Who are some specific people in your life that you can invite to know Jesus? How can you approach them?

2. Why is it important to focus on inviting others to know Jesus rather than engaging in debates or arguments?

Have you ever experienced a situation where sharing your faith led to a debate or argument? How could the outcome have been different if the focus had been on inviting?

3. Read John 1:40-42; how can we learn from Andrew’s example when inviting those we love to know Jesus?

Think about a loved one who may not know Jesus. How would you approach them with an invitation, like Andrew did with Peter?

4. What fears or uncertainties might someone experience when sharing their faith, and how can we address those concerns?

What specific fears or uncertainties have you faced or might face when sharing your faith? How can you remind yourself to rely on humility and a willingness to learn together?

5. How can we demonstrate the natural, relational, and transformative aspects of inviting others to know Jesus?

Share a personal experience where you’ve seen the transformative power of coming to know Jesus, either in your own life or in the life of someone you know.

wrap up | prayer

● Ask for prayer requests from the group.

● Pray for opportunities to extend an invitation to know Jesus to the people we influence on a daily basis, like our neighbors, coworkers, or classmates. Reflect on how we talk about Jesus with the people in our lives and ask God to help us focus more on inviting others to come and see rather than debating or arguing about faith.

● Pray for courage and humility to invite our loved ones to know Jesus, even in the face of skepticism and questioning.

● Ask for God’s guidance in recognizing the intentional opportunities He gives us to share Jesus with others.

Pray for those you are inviting to Christmas services.  Visit to learn more.