Balancing Life’s Demands Week 4: Stopping To Find What’s Missing


Balancing Life’s Demands

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Are you feeling busy, burned out, and stretched to the limit? Does life seem a little out of balance? Come learn how to put first things first and find peace in the midst of chaos. 

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Stopping To Find What’s Missing

weekend in review

We look at busyness and how the types of things we are filling our time with are wearing us out.


Begin with some conversation, checking in on how people are doing. You can talk about whatever you’d like, but here are a few potential questions to get the conversation going.

  • What is one trait that all your family members share?

Select 3-4 questions from the list below to guide your discussion time.

  • Read Psalm 118:24. How can we rejoice and be glad in a day that we’re sprinting through?

  • Why is busyness so attractive to us? Why do you find it difficult to slow down and sit at Jesus’ feet?

  • Read Luke 10:38-42. How do these two sisters differ?

  • Share the good points and blind spots of both Mary and Martha. Who are you most like?

  • Jake talked about the act of tunneling. This occurs when we are under stress and pressed for time, our attention and cognitive bandwidth narrow as if we’re in a tunnel. What happens when you find yourself “tunneling?”

  • Read Luke 10:41-42. Why is Mary’s choice better What is Jesus’ point?

  • Jake made the statement, “If you have more things to do than time to do them, God didn’t give you those things.” Is it possible that the reason we feel so overloaded is that we’ve self-imposed expectations that God never had for us in the first place? Where do you see that in your life?

  • Name the advantages of spending time at the feet of Jesus.
  • Spend time this week praying and asking God to show you what needs to change so you can slow down.

Share prayer requests and spend time praying for each other.