The Benefit of Buying at Eastside

Did you know that Scrip is available for purchase each and every weekend at Eastside’s Guest Central? What is Scrip? Glad you ask! Scrip is a program that enables you to purchase gift cards to hundreds of the stores, restaurants and gas stations that you frequent, with a percentage of each purchase going back into Eastside’s Compassion Department to help families in need.

One such organization that Scrip assists is Faith In Motion, a one-of-a-kind institution that connects the Social Services Agency and Children and Family Services with the faith-based communities in Orange County.

This unique and collaborative organization’s main goal is to find homes for children in the foster system in one of two ways: by recruiting families that are willing to foster or adopt, and working with local congregations to develop supportive communities for the children they work with.

Due to generosity of Eastside’s members and their consistent purchasing of Scrip, Eastside Compassion has been able to frontload Faith In Motion with gift cards that have been used to provide for the children and foster families’ daily needs!  Gift cards such as these enable the families to purchase items themselves, which then provided a sense of dignity and independence.

Thank you to the Eastside individuals and families that consistently choose to purchase Scrip gift cards, you’re surely making a difference in the lives of those in our surrounding community!  If you’re interested making Scrip gift card purchases a part of your family’s routine, visit