Homelessness – Brett’s Story

Brett, a single dad, moved out to California a few years ago after his divorce.  Although he was able to get a job when he and his two boys arrived, he quickly got laid off when the company had to downsize unexpectedly.  He was unable to get hired anywhere else and had to move out of their apartment.

The family lived on the streets for a while, constantly on the hunt for shelter and basic needs in order to keep his kids safe and at least maintain a sense of routine in their daily lives.  On the hunt for a shower each morning became a new part of that routine, hygiene kits given by Eastside helping when a source to get clean was nowhere to be found.

Brett eventually got in contact with City Net, who then partnered with him in finding temporary housing for his family. Eastside helped provide this family in need with some necessities of home to help them in this transitional period while this single father continued looking for work and applying for low income housing options.

After a few months of diligence, the boys and their dad had a roof over their heads again and although Brett is currently working temporary jobs, he is determined to find a steady paycheck and support his kids once again.

Eastside partners with organizations in the community meeting needs for those like Brett. To learn more about how you can make an impact on struggling families in your community, visit eastside.com/localserve.