“Shine so bright that by your light, others may see Him.” Matthew 5:16

Summer of Serving

This summer, we will unleash 15,000 acts of compassion and create a ripple effect that will inspire others and make a positive difference in the world. Fill out the form below to pin your acts of compassion and then watch the blue pins multiply from our collective effort.

Zoom in and click on gold pins to learn about each Global Team. Use two fingers to move the map around.  To pin your acts of compassion fill out the form or click on the button below.

we have so many ways to unleash compassion!


unleashing compassion
15,000 acts and counting!

"While in Sangarara, Peru, we made home visits and presented food buckets which we had prepared."
Rob & Kathy
"I helped a recently widowed teacher move all of her classroom supplies & furniture to a new classroom."
“While on vacation, we helped a wedding party of 10 board two small dinghies from a floating dock so that they could have their sunset wedding in the middle of the ocean. The guests were in formal wedding attire and included a man with a walker and a new prosthetic leg, a man with a cane, and the mothers of the bride and groom with their two small dogs. It took 6 of us to get the man with the prosthetic leg into the boat.”
“On a business trip to Bakersfield, I fed a group of homeless men and women breakfast burritos and brownies from Chick-fil-a. Sharing that God loves them and I shared the gospel.”
“I was at my weekly Bible Study at Coco's in Brea and overheard a situation where someone was unable to pay for their meal so I went ahead and covered it”.
“I went grocery shopping for South County Outreach Pantry.”
“On a flight home from Sacramento, something pulled at my heart to change my seating assignment so I could sit next to an elderly woman who had just recently lost her husband. I spent the time on the flight listening and encouraging her.”
“Volunteered at a food pantry packing 125 boxes with staple foods as well as produce and bread.”
“My sister and I donated the needed items to Salvation Army in Anaheim.”
“Finished a quilting project for a friend that can no longer sew.”
“Provided Scripture Quilts filled with love & prayer to a young woman diagnosed with stage 2 ovarian cancer, and to her father and 2 children for encouragement, peace and strength during this difficult period.”
“I fed 58 meals to the homeless with Family Services Association of Redlands.”
“While on vacation we volunteered at a wildlife rescue center in Costa Rica.”
“I Loaded a mobility device into my trunk and took it to an outing and offered it to an elderly woman for use going to Fullerton Arboretum for the day.”
“Ten members of my small group trimmed and took down trees for a member of our church family who is a widow.”
“Took my dog to visit at the Crescendo memory care facility in Placentia.”
“I am in Kenya and we bagged and distributed food to 231 people at Giving Children Hope.”
“I gave dog food, money, a pocket bible verse, and an invite to church to a newly homeless man Steven & his dog, Steel.”
“Our family donated and helped wheel barrel/spread wood chips on the playground for a local preschool.”
“Our small group served by organizing and sorting donations at the Sheepfold Resale Boutique.”

serve with local organizations, or get creative and find your own!


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