The Day the Earth Ends | Week 1

Sermon Series Name

The Day The Earth Ends

kick start
  •  What is your favorite disaster movie?

  • If a meeting begins at 7:00pm, do you get there at 6:45? 7:05? Or, do you plan to leave the house at 7:00pm, hoping everyone else will be late?

  • What does punctuality mean to you? Is it important? Why or why not?


Watch the first 4 minutes of Gene’s message. The password is ecc.

  • Read Matthew 24.  How does the parable in Matthew 25 relate to Matthew 24?  

  • In what ways were the ten girls alike? Different?

  • What unexpected event takes place?

  • What were the embarrassing consequences of the event(s)?

  • What do you think is the point of this parable?  Why is readiness so important to the second coming?

  • Where will you be standing at the final wedding banquet?  

  • What is the “oil” that keeps your lamp lit?

  • Who are you most like in this story?  Why?