step two

step two

go deeper
Here’s how to be ready for Step 03 of Next Steps:

Set aside 30 minutes to reflect on your notes from the training for Step 02 and explore your answers to the following questions:

1 // What is a Bible reading plan that you would like to start? Download the YouVersion app to explore the different plans & choose one to share about next week in Step 03. Not sure where to start? We’ve created A 21 Days of Prayer to discover for yourself how pursuing God, building community, and unleashing compassion will radically transform your life.  Go to or click the button below.

2 // What is a Small Group that you would like to try out? If you didn’t have a chance to fill out the form in the session visit this week to explore the different small groups that meet both online and in person. Come prepared to share about the group(s) that you are interested in.

3 // Download The Three Fingerprints, to see the three fingerprints that God has left on the writings in your Bible. 

Also, set aside some time to “go deeper” by watching these two videos. 

As you watch, be sure to take notes and bring any questions you have to our next session.