Risk It | Share God’s Love

Risk it: Share God's Love

    • What stories can you tell about items you have lost over the years?

    • Now, look around the room and ask everyone to complete the following sentence:

    • “One of the worst feelings I ever experienced was when I misplaced and never found my_____________!” Why was it so bad?
  • In Vince’s message, he tells a story about what peaked his interest in learning about God.  Who was responsible or had a part in your journey? What did that look like?

    What are some concerns the group has about “Risking It” when it comes to being one of His disciples?  How does connection in this group help to allay those fears?

    How does a believer share with a non-believer who might also be a close family member?

    Why do you think our culture is skeptical of Christianity and the sharing of the gospel?

  • Think about the day ahead of you or tomorrow.  Who comes to mind as someone that you could help find their way back?

  • Think about your story and how it relates to your journey.  How clear is it to you that you are in this exact place, at this exact time in history, with these great people, for a very specific reason?  Why is that?