You Asked For It

Our team has been compiling and tracking some of the most challenging, difficult, controversial, frequently asked questions we get about faith and Christianity as it relates to life, morality, current events, the end of the world, sexuality, and more. Each week we’ll unpack one question in a way we hope you find surprising and informative.

These questions are often the roadblocks for people when it comes to faith and Christianity. We’ve even titled the final week, the subject you thought we would skip and not have the courage to address. For times and locations visit

April 6/7

Are we living in the end times?

April 13/14

Is Jesus The Only Way To God?

April 27/28

Is suicide the unforgivable sin?

April 27/28

Is drinking or taking illegal drugs a sin?

May 4/5

What about Gender Dysphoria and Transgenderism?


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