i'm Mad tool kit

resources for those struggling with anger

This week we are talking about anger because anger can hurt many people and cause our soul to implode in the process. This gives us a chance to open up, have an honest dialogue and invite God to meet us there. To help you on this journey our team has collected some resources to point you towards your next step.

week #2 resources

anger management support

read Andy Stanley’s “Enemies Of The Heart” or commit to reading the anger work book. consider joining a support group where real Transformation happens in these safe spaces.  


read boundaries by dr. henry cloud & john townsend or get the most out of the book by joining Boundaries: Take Control Of your life support group.

support groups
and counseling resources

mike described this feeling like your “cup is upside down”. Sometimes you find yourself in a place where you need some help to get the cup turned right side up. Check out our care and recovery support groups and counseling resources below:

divorce care near me

support for those navigating a divorce
book resources


Mental health issues impact not just the individual but their family and friends as well. When someone we love is struggling, we often don’t know how to respond or support them, and we don’t know how to effectively care for ourselves to make sure that we remain healthy. Join us as we hear from a panel of experts to learn how to best care for our loved ones and ourselves.


If you missed it, this is the series Mike was referring to. We all struggle with emotional challenges from time to time, but we don’t have to navigate them alone. It can stop with you – you can be the cycle-breaker who finds freedom from the destructive cycles.


Rage. Anger. It’s hard to know what to do with it and how to control it, especially as we experience  what’s been happening in our communities, politics and even sometimes dealing with our families and spouses! You can watch these messages on demand and discover God’s solution for angry people. 

 to speak with one of our pastors please stop by information beFOre or after any of our weekend services or click the button below.