Money can be a monster. It can change our lives for bad or good. We all dream of being rich enough to give money away, but when will that day come? After all, we’ve got bills to pay, mouths to feed, and debts to pay off. Through hard work, and with God’s help, we can slay the money monster!

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October 23|24, 2021
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October 30|31, 2021
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November 6|7, 2021
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November 13|14, 2021
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November 20|21, 2021

Inspired by drew & abbie's story

Rachel Cruz has created debt snowball + goal tracker worksheets
you can do together as a family.  The quickest way to achieve your goals is
to include your kids in the plans! Download these worksheets today!

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FPU teaches you the best way to control the money monster. Learn to pay off debt, budget, save, and find real answers to help you invest and plan for your future! Missed this semester? If you'd like to get information about our next session click on the sign up button below.


Rewatch Dave Ramsey's message on demand. For those of you participating in FPU we'd love to hear you story! Please take a moment to share how financial peace has made a difference for you.

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September 11 & 12

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