road trip

Do you remember that epic road trip? It was the one with a great playlist, roadside diners, and unforgettable memories.

When you’re on the road you can expect twists and turns, flat tires, and empty gas tanks. If you’re going to make it to your final destination, you’re going to need a good GPS. Life is full of the unexpected. We need someone to guide us. For four weeks, we’re going to discover how to follow the voice of God for guidance. God has a master plan for our lives; one full of hope and purpose. When we lean into Him we will find the guidance we’re looking for and end up not only in the right places, but more importantly, we’ll land there as the right kind of people.

week 1


July 1/2, 2023

week 2


July 8/9, 2023

week 3

stalled traffic ahead

July 15/16, 2023


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