Dark Horses 2022

Dark Horses series

March 5/6 - April 2/3

Join us as Gene Appel and Jake Barker take an inspiring look at some of the “dark horses” of our faith who trusted God and rose above their circumstances in the midst of doubt and difficulties. 

When a person unlikely to succeed ultimately accomplishes great things… we call it a dark horse. The greatest movies of all time, the greatest stories of all time are dark horse stories. We love these stories because they put something in us when we watch a Rocky or Hoosiers or Braveheart, even if it’s a fleeting thought, “I wonder if God could do something like that in my life?”

Some of the most inspiring heroes of the Bible were society’s outcasts who trusted God in amazing ways. The truth is that God does use flawed, imperfect people like us to accomplish His purpose!


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Dark Horses - Week 1
March 5/6, 2022
Dark Horses - Week 2
March 12/13, 2022
Dark Horses - Week 3
march 19/20, 2022
Dark Horses - Week 4
march 26/27, 2022
Dark Horses - Week 5
April 2/3, 2022