Limitless Launch Week


Limitless Launch Week


Every country has its borders. Every ocean, its shorelines. But the power and love of God truly knows no bounds. And He is still not finished with Eastside! As we continue to declare his faithfulness, we eagerly anticipate what He will do in and through us. Join us beginning October 21/22 as we launch toward a future filled with LIMITLESS possibilities.

Message Summary

Gene emphasizes the importance of fellowship and community within the church in his sermon “Limitless Launch Week.” He shares the early believers’ devotion to fellowship as described in Acts 2:42. Gene encourages small group engagement as the best way to build community. He highlights the significance of prayer in the church’s initiative. He urges the congregation to reflect on their faith journey and the possibilities that await when individuals come together in a community rooted in faith.


If you are a new group, introduce yourself and have each person share.
For all groups, have your group share the best dinner party you have ever attended. What made it so special?

  • Read Acts 2:42. Why do you think fellowship and community are so important within the church?
    In the message, Gene emphasizes the church’s importance of fellowship and community by referencing Acts 2:42.
    Think of a time in your life when being a part of a community helped you grow spiritually. What did you learn from this experience?

  • How do small groups contribute to building community within the church?
    Gene believes small groups are the best way to build community and encourage the congregation to experience it together.
    If you have been a part of a small group within a church, how has it impacted your spiritual growth and relationships with others in your faith community?

  • How can prayer play a significant role in helping the church advance?
    Gene highlights that throughout history, the church has advanced on its knees and recounts instances in Acts where believers came together and prayed, leading to significant breakthroughs.
    Share a time when the power of group prayer significantly impacted your life or the life of someone you know.

  • Read Philippians 1:6. What does ‘what God starts in a person’s life, He finishes’ mean? Based on Philippians 1:6, the theme is that what God starts in a person’s life, He finishes, beginning within individuals before extending to what He wants to do through them.
    Can you share a personal example of how God started and completed something in your life?

  • How can reflecting on significant faith moments help strengthen the community within a church?
    Towards the end of the sermon, Gene prompts the congregation to reflect on their most significant faith moments at Eastside, fostering a sense of connection and understanding among the attendees.
    Share a significant faith moment in your life and discuss how sharing that moment might encourage and support others within your faith community.
wrap up | prayer
  • Begin by asking for any prayer requests from the group, reminding individuals that this is a safe space to share their needs and concerns.

  • Pray your group may cultivate deeper fellowship and community within their small group and extend this to the larger congregation.

  • Finally, ask God to inspire the group to have a deeper commitment to prayer so they might experience significant breakthroughs, just as the early believers did in Acts. Pray for a fresh revelation of the limitless possibilities that await a community rooted in faith.