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Racism is wrong, but what exactly is it? How should we talk about it? What would Jesus have us do about it?  Our society is divided, but Jesus calls his followers to unity.  As a church, we are seeking to learn what it means to honor both our similarities–the most important of which is that we are created in God’s image–and our differences.  Here are some resources to help you do just that.

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As Mary Jo Shaffer explains, this small group is designed for a multi-ethnic group of participants so that group members can learn from one another’s varied experiences. Do you want to learn how to have a conversation about race but are afraid of saying the wrong thing? 

2 Corinthians tells us that we have been given the ministry of reconciliation. Our curriculum, The Third Option Similarity Training, takes a deep dive into how we can heal the racial divide by honoring the image of God in every person. Today, we are in an “us vs them” culture that dishonors one another. The Third Option is about honoring what we have in common.

In a small group setting, you will be able to discover the common misconceptions that keep people from engaging with those of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. You’ll identify blind spots you may have and, through a journey of self-discovery, begin living out your similarities with others.

Our next round of groups begins in January 2022. Please sign up to be notified of the details of the groups when they are available.

miles pcpherson | the third option

The Third Option is a book written by Miles McPherson.  In this book, he discusses the pervasive racial divisions in today’s culture. he argues that we must learn to see people not by the color of their skin, but as God sees them— humans created in the image of God.  Take some time to watch this great message from Miles when he was a speaker at our men’s conference. If you are interested in learning more click on the button below to find out more about his book.


fearless grace

Co-founder and lead pastor of Fellowship Church.  Albert is a gifted and dynamic communicator who is passionate about sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the local and global church. His unique style combines humor and storytelling, inspiration and conviction, grace and truth. 

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