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Both myself, and my new wife, were flat broke, with awful credit, with a history of a lifetime of financial blunders. We implemented the Debt Snowball and began making major progress in paying off debt. In 2016 we had zero in savings, could barely pay our many bills, and could barely skimp enough money together to buy an old, very worn-out farmhouse.  Today, thanks to FPU, we have paid off nearly $100,000 in debt, have several months of expenses in a fully-funded emergency fund, and recently bought a beautiful home that we can comfortably afford!

The kauman's

couple just got hitched in an orange grove

We had just gotten engaged and our parents purchased Financial Peace University for us.  We started applying the principles we learned and in one year we paid off $23,000 in debt, saved enough for a down payment to buy our first home and have started saving for retirement.

Ashlyn & RJ

We had worked too hard to build our income and we didn’t know where all our money was going. We were traveling and spending our money but charging our credit cards for all these adventures. We appreciated that it wasn’t just about money. We had to look into our retirement, insurances.. The course work helped us to work together instead of against each other. After almost 3 years since we took the FPU class, we have paid off almost $100,000.

Drew & Abbie

I went from having no control of my money and being $5,000 in debt, to setting a budget each month, tithing and also saved over $20,000 and counting. I use the everydollar app and practice the principles I learned in class all the time. FPU has really changed my life <<Read More >>


Inspired by drew & abbie's story

Rachel Cruz has created debt snowball + goal tracker worksheets you can do together as a family. The quickest way to achieve your goals is to include your kids in the plans! Download these worksheets today!

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