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The Eastside app is designed to bring the Eastside experience to the palm of your hand. Download iPhone or Android today for the only way to access weekend sermon notes. The app features Gene’s daily podcast, watch services live or on-demand, worship on the go, find next steps for your spiritual journey, and learn more about unleashing compassion. No matter where you are in your walk with God, the Eastside app is for everyone.

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gene's podcast

Join Gene as he explores ways to daily pursue God, build community, and unleash compassion. Eastside’s passion is rooted in a deep conviction that God’s heart and God’s grace is for everyone, resulting in a radically inclusive community of God-conscious “servant leaders” who serve both locally and globally. Join Gene Monday – Friday as he walks you through practical biblical teachings that will foster a deeper connection and awareness of God’s activity and presence in your life. No matter where you are at with your walk with God, this podcast is for everyone.

weekend sermon notes

Weekend message sermon notes are available exclusively on the Eastside app. Download the app to follow along during the services and refer back to it during the week. There is a link to study guides at the bottom of the sermon notes for further study or group discussions.

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