a place for doubts and questions

looking for a place to explore questions about faith

Most of us have at least one question that comes to mind whenever people talk about God, faith, or church – that question that makes us unsure of God and if believing in Him makes any sense.

why should I trust the bible

Alpha is an 8-week gathering exploring faith and spirituality. Each meeting consists of a 25-minute film about a particular faith topic, and a discussion where you can bring doubts, ask questions, and speak your mind... or simply sit back and listen if you prefer.


have questions or doubts

are new to church

are coming back to church for the first time in a long time

are figuring out what you think about Jesus

recently decided to follow Jesus


join others on this journey

If you have questions or doubts then we’d love to invite you to alpha.  alpha is A forum for open and honest dialogue to explore questions about faith and spirituality.where you can bring your doubts, ask questions, and speak your mind.

Hear Dave and Kim’s story

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