Hidden Joy

Cindy and Danny met over 9 years ago. Their love for God and their passion to serve and help others was the magnetic field that brought them closely together. Their hearts were set on the same mission: to love God and to love others.

As regular attendees of their local church, they were eager to help in any way they could. You could spot Cindy every Sunday serving her heart out at the kid’s ministry, and you could always expect Danny to be wherever help was needed. For them, serving was a lifestyle.

Weeks turn to months, and months turn to years, and Cindy and Danny started to just go through the motions. They knew something was off, but they couldn’t quite put their finger on it. The unconscious guilt and the pressure to serve had taken over their joy. Their passion began to slowly fade away, and what once was a fire was now only a little flame. The yoke they put on themselves became too heavy to bear. Their regular church attendance became a thing of the past. Church went from joy to duty, and more sooner than later, they found themselves burned out.

When Cindy and Danny came across Eastside for the first time, they were amazed at how friendly everyone was. The big smiles and the heartfelt greetings made a big church feel amazingly small in just the blink of an eye. They couldn’t believe the energy and passion that was all around.

After attending Eastside for a few months, they both decided to take Next Steps. They knew they wanted to be more involved, but they still wanted to take things slow. After just two sessions at Next Steps, however, Cindy and Danny were able to re-encounter their faith and their love to serve. They were reminded of their unique purpose on earth and how they played an important role on the greatest story ever told. They vividly remember their hearts pumping once again as they learned what it really meant to pursue God, to build community, and to unleash compassion. After completing Next Steps, these two lovebirds were finally able to see the greater picture. Next Steps not only redirected them towards their purpose, but it also helped them understand their God-given gifts and talents and how they could use these in order to help others find their own purpose.

Right after Next Steps, Cindy and Danny were eager to become Change Makers. Out of her love for kids, Cindy now helps at the Nursery providing one of the best cares Eastside has ever seen, and Danny, wanting to make Eastside a safe place for everyone to enjoy, now serves in the Guardian Ministries to secure the church campus.

Cindy and Danny were able to see that the only way to unleash compassion, while keeping a healthy heart, is by pursuing God first and by building a loving community around them. They are beyond thankful for the help and support they received through Next Steps. They are now able to do what they love the most, while helping others find their own passions.

God made all things new in Cindy and Danny’s story. And He can do the same in your story. What next steps is God calling you to and how can Eastside help you?

We truly believe the greatest pages of your story have yet to be written.