Upstream Week 2: Blessed Are The Humble And Hungry



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Jesus was certainly anything but a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He taught and modeled an against-the-flow lifestyle. He taught things like: “If you want to be great, SERVE others.” “If you want to be rich, GIVE more away.” “If you want to be known for love, LOVE your enemies.”  But perhaps the most countercultural teaching Jesus ever taught was: “If you want to be truly happy, you have to turn around and move UPSTREAM toward God, our true source of life.”

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Blessed Are the Humble and Hungry

weekend in review

Gene continues exploring Jesus’ famous Sermon on the Mount and what those words mean to us today. 


Begin with some conversation, checking in on how people are doing. You can talk about whatever you’d like, but here is a potential question to get the conversation going.

  • Share your favorite meal or restaurant you prefer when you are hungry.
Select 5-6 questions from the list below to guide your discussion time.

  • Read Matthew 5:5-6. After listening to Gene’s explanation of what it means to be humble or “meek,” what do you think is meant by “they will inherit the earth” and why?

  • Read Luke 18:9-12. The Pharisee’s prayer revealed his prideful heart. Gene gave several examples of prideful attitudes we might have in our interactions with others. Select the one you would most likely say. How does pride keep you from moving towards relationships in your life that need healing?
  1. You aren’t going to talk to me like that.
  2. I’m not going to be the one to apologize.
  3. It’s not me; it’s you.
  4. It’s not fair.
  • Read Luke 18:13-14. Discuss what Jesus’ explanation that “all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted” means to you. 

  • Amos 2:7 refers to people who “pant after the dust of the earth.” What are some things you have hungered for that left you feeling unsatisfied? What are things that distract us from seeking or staying on track with the purposes and attitudes that really matter spiritually?

  • Read Matthew 5:6 and John 6:35, 51. Share a time you turned to God for your needs. What was the outcome?

  • Read John 4:13-14. What is the state of your spiritual appetite these days?

  • Deuteronomy 8:3. Where has God allowed circumstances to come into your life to get your attention? Did this help you see your need for him?

Gene challenged us with the statement, “Your closeness to God is based on your appetite for him.” What steps can you take to draw closer to God this week?

Is there a challenge or situation in your life that God may be using to get your attention? Spend time this week praying over the situation and asking God for wisdom.


Share prayer requests and spend time praying for each other

Spend time in prayer confess your desire to be humble and hungry, dependent on God. Thank him for using some of the most painful things in your lives to turn you towards him. Thank him for giving us Jesus, his son, to make it possible. 



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